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The SmartGoat Blog is an independent publication launched in July 2023 by me. If you subscribe today for free, you'll get full access to the website as well as email newsletters about new content when it's available. Your support makes this site possible, and allows The SmartGoat Blog to continue to exist. Thank you- Shounak Pal.

Btw I also have free apps to offer , see below

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My Apps

I also have some useful apps that you might need. I don't keep any of your data , let alone personally identifiable data you put in the apps.

  • NNW - Whatsapp Without Saving Number: This is a aimple app to whatsapp anybody withpout saving their number first. just open the app, put the number in and chat instantly. Don't worry we can't see and store any of the data you enter in the site.
  • IP-Checker : It is a simple app that shows you clearly what you need to know about your ip adresses. Unlike others it is minimalistic and always show both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • NS-LOOKUP: This is another app that tells you ip adress of any website. you put the domain name in. You will get all the associated IPv4 addresses
  • Other-IP: Want to find about any IP adress, this is your app. Put the IP address in, the app will give you the details about the IP Adress.

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MBBS main Hostel, SSKM Hospital, 244 A.J.C Bose road, Kolkata, WB, India- 700020.

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