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Hi! Nice to meet you. Welcome to The SmartGoat Digital inc. We are nothing but the extended version of The SmartGoat Blog. During the development of the blog, we learned a lot about website building and wehosting. So we merged the blog with our web development and created The SmartGoat Digital inc. We are just getting started. Much more things will follow. We are excited for our future with you. Thank you for being a part of The SmartGoat Family.

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Chatbot App

Engage with our interactive chatbot and explore the latest in conversational AI.

Todolist App

Stay organized with our Todolist app. Manage your tasks efficiently and effortlessly.

Tick Tack Toe

Enjoy a classic game of Tick Tack Toe. Challenge your friends and have fun!


Explore our MedicalC app for valuable medical information and resources.

Featured Articles

Create Your Own Serverless Todolist

Serverless todo list app using CloudFlare Workers and Cloudflare KV. With user authentication and email notification. Probably the easiest to deploy.

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Turn Your Wix Website into a PWA

Here is a step by step guide to convert your wix website into a full PWA. You can make it installable, Offline available and have all other PWA features. Serve custom manifest.json and service-workers file.

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The Best Way to Self-Host a Ghost Blog For FREE

The Best Way to self host a ghost blog absolutely for free. Explained in easy steps. We are using free tier oracle cloud with cloudpanel for this blog and for this demo. It is the easiest way available in the internet.

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Google Just Upped Its Cloud Game

Google just made a big change in their cloud offering. They upgraded free tire egress bandwidth to 200 GB starting this october. This reduces cloud data transfer rate.

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Doctor, Tech Enthusiast and Blogger

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